Our Story

TVMA is inspired by our ancestors, people who were self-sufficient and successfully practiced sustainable livestock and crop farming in what has become the Northern Cape, North West and Limpopo provinces. As in all African cultures, we learnt about this heritage through our oral histories, how our families once lived off the land as healthy communities of shared purpose.

For many centuries African cultures have worked with bees but the idea of introducing modern, commercial beekeeping came from our grandfather Dr Sam Motsuenyane, who is an avid farmer and passionate about rural development. Invited us to join him for a course in beekeeping following a couple of years where bees would settle in the family home ceiling, produce too much honey a that the ceiling would collapse.

Since then our mission has been to address the global plight of bees, restore damaged ecosystems, and sustainably alleviate rural poverty in one. Our story is still unfolding from bees ,to honey, fresh produce, skin care and all treasures found in our villages.


Education & Skills

Training communities in ecosystems, nature conservation, beekeeping, manufacturing of beekeeping equipment and bee fences amongst others.


We reuse, recycle and reduce while utilising environmentally friendly products. Operations are based on Fair trade principles.


Protecting the environment through partnerships with communities, educational institutions and other organisations for research, choosing locations and adequate forage.


The African child is blessed with an abundance of talent and natural resources which TVMA aims to ignite with training, providing access to markets and high-end branding.


As part of creating an ideal environment for bees to thrive, TVMA embarks on a drive to encourage planting of crops/forage that meets the nutritional requirements of bees therefore creating a mutually beneficial relationship. Where bees have food and our customers can enjoy natural, sustainably grown and locally produced products.


Organic raw honey.
Organic fresh whole produce.
Jams and Preserves.
Infused honey.
A range of hive product based skin and hair care.